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Should you be looking for "pure resveratrol", or does it really matter? Hmmm...good question. After many hours of research and many inquiries, I can actually answer the question with confidence. There is more than one kind of resveratrol and yes, it does make a difference.

There is trans-resveratrol and CIS Resveratrol. Both are found in the same compound, but one does a whole lot, and one, does virtually nothing. So one is the active ingredient, the other is benign.

The one that you want to look for is trans-resveratrol. It is this portion of the compound that provides all of the fantastic health benefits that anyone would find desirable; weight loss, low calorie diet mimicry, lower blood pressure, reduced blood clots, resistance to the onslaught of diabetes, cellular repair. You name an ailment, trans-resveratrol can probably help it. CIS Resveratrol, on the other hand, will do nothing for you.

How is all of this related to Pure Resveratrol you ask? Well, the theory is, that the purer it is, the higher the concentration of the "trans" version of this powerful anti-oxidant. So, if the bottom says, 500mg, 99% pure, then you will receive almost a full, 500mg of trans-resveratrol. If it says 500mg, 50% pure, then the dose will be cut in half.

The closer to 100% you get, the more expensive it is to process the compound and therefore, the more expensive it becomes to you, the consumer. So remember this when you are shopping for your supplements, even though you think you are getting a better deal, what you might be getting instead is a lower quality product, with more filler and more of the CIS type of resveratrol...and this just isn't the same!

Check out the suppliers of your supplements, check for certifications and check for the purity of your choice. Don't be fooled, pure resveratrol does indeed exist and is better for your body...but not your pocketbook!

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Pure Resveratrol

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This article was published on 2010/03/31